Are you ready for a strong earthquake? Do not let earthquakes catch you off guard!

Earthquakes can happen in California at any time. Individuals and families living or visiting California should be appropriately prepared to react and respond quickly when an earthquake occurs, including using earthquake warnings as part of their preparedness efforts. These lifesaving Fact Sheets contain important information and recommendations, and each Toolkit contains resources you can use to help spread the word. Get yours here

California is the first state in the nation to offer free, cuttingedge technology designed to alert Californians before shaking begins through the Earthquake Warning California system, including the MyShake App, Android Earthquake Alerts, and Wireless Emergency Alerts. Earthquake Warning California is the countrys first publicly available, statewide warning system that could give California residents crucial seconds to take cover before they feel shaking. The Earthquake Warning California uses ground motion sensors from across the state to detect earthquakes before humans can feel them and can notify Californians to “Drop, Cover and Hold On” in advance of an earthquake

To receive earthquake warnings, individuals and family members can download the MyShake App and ensure phone settings are adjusted to receive emergency alerts, including

If you live in or travel to areas that could be impacted by an earthquake, preparation is vital, as these events can strike suddenly, at any time, with little warning. For more information or to sign up or download the apps, go to: